Elevator Maintenance

  Elevator maintenance is maintenance service periodically to maintain operation of the elevator to enable early detection and timely prevent a failure can be occurred

 Prescribed TCVN Vietnam standards : 6395,6396,6397: 1998 safety requirements using elevators as follows:

- Elevators are only allowed to operate as good technical condition and safety certification, must strictly follow the safety rules on the use of elevators.

- Elevators used after the expiry of the warranty period, must be maintained regularly, not than 02 months one time

 Process periodically elevator maintenance of NGUYENKHANG GROUP

 Each time maintenance, NGUYENKHANG GROUP will maintain the following items:

1. Check and clean the brake and brake bar wins and brake claw.

2. Check and adjust the select floors systems, floor switches

3. Check the floor deflection, acceleration, deceleration, recoil and adjust or replace the parts necessary to ensure user comfort.

4. Check all hoses, transmission oil level, oil seal, phech, engine, gearbox when the temperature increases abnormally and replace if necessary.

5. Check all line of the control cabinet

6. Check the relay, the contacts and their activities.

7. Check the function of the alarm, cabin lights and Intercom

8. Check and adjust operation of the shut door, opening and closing mechanism

9. Check the condition of the corner of  formica.

10. Clean the cabin door, floor door, sill, flywheel, the main cable, the first counterweight if available and applicable maintenance regime where necessary.

11. Check the controls, floor lamp, lamp cabin, Elevator buttons where necessary.

12. Check the operation of equipment overload and balancing equipment where available.

13. Check and topped up the lubrication sieve box

14. Lubricate the tension pulley Governor, adjusted where necessary to ensure that the elevator goes smoothly.

15. Check the backup power unit and refill bottle filled with water.

16. Clean the shaft, switches, spare parts and installation of the shaft.


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